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future-tec® PU 70 shore Component A clear-transp.


Artikelnr: 4434


For the production of earmoulds of polyurethane.
Processing by pressure polymerisation in combination with component B futuretec® PU (Art. No. 4432).
Processing characteristics:
  • Material Form: Polyurethane
  • component A
  • Colour: clear-transparent
  • 2-component material
  • to be mixed with the air-hood
Package Content:
  • 600 g
  • Product features
  • hard starting form at room temperature
  • soft – flexible at body temperature
  • like a second skin
  • biocompatible
  • simply to edit
Suitable for all types of construction, such as the delicate foil technique but also massive ears.
Especially recommended for power supplies.

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