Milling unit K5plus table top-present of number of


Cutting set K5plus table top-present of number of revolution, with foot switch
Great power packed in small dimensions – that’s the KaVo K5plus.
The new, high-torque motor has stable speed over the whole speed range from 1,000 to 35,000 rpm and is particularlyquiet in operation. The ideal choice to meet your demands for high quality work .
The K5plus weights only 200 g, Together with the ergonomic shape, the new, ultra-slim cable and the comfort and convenience levels of low noise of the operator is ensured.
Thanks to the innovative ”OSS” one-shaft-system, the KaVo K5plus can be simply maintained in the laboratory.
HS Code: 90184990

Artikelnr: 7110


A milling machine for all standard ear mold materials such as UV, acrylic, PU and silicone.
For use in the shop, as well as in the laboratory. A quality product from KaVo.

Handpiece K5plus:
Speed: 1000-35000 U / min clockwise rotation
Anticlockwise to 5,000 r / min limits
Torque: max. 4.5 Ncm
Power: max. 85 Watt
Dimensions: L149 mm
Diameter: 28 mm
Colour: Blue
Weight: 216 g (103 g + cable)
Tensioning system retaining force min. 70 N
Chuck change with tool

Foot speed control
A control unit for different handpieces
Mains voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Power output: max. 220 W
Weight: 3 kg
Dimensions: W 260 x D 290 x H 140 mm
Display with LEDs for program display and bar graphs f. Speed, torque

Control unit K-Control TLC foot speed control
Handpiece K5plus
Handpiece support

On request also as knee speed control (Art. No. 7109) or tabletop speed selection (Art. No. 7104) available.

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