Standard ear plugs bachmaiER 20 S mini in blister


Standard earplugs bachmaiER 20 S mini blister
1 pair bachmaiER 20 S mini in aluminium sleeve
1 connection cord blue

Artikelnr: 5115


The entry-level product for the custom-made hearing protection.
Experience the fidelity of the linear filter and enjoy music at concerts or communicate at work at a comfortable level.

Insulation values:
SNR: 19 dB
H-value: 18 dB
M-value: 17 dB
L-value: 14 dB
Attenuation values can be found in our online guide.

Size: mini
Attenuation 20 dB linear
Preformed with soft lamellar (blue)
Handle transparent

1 pair in storage sleeve
Retaining strap blue

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